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We put our hearts into each piece we decorate, so our name fully identifies us because Sainn Wayuu means “Wayuu heart” in Wayuunaiki, the native Wayuu language.

About Us

About Us

Seeking to promote the tradition and art of Wayuu culture, in Sainn Wayuu we add value and commercialize hand woven pieces made by native Indians from the north of Colombia. Due to its handmade nature, each piece designed and decorated by our team has special characteristics, so that you will not find anyone else around the globe wearing the same one.

Creativity, Innovation, Passion and Social Responsibility are our values, aiming to promote the recognition and preservation of the Wayuu legacy. Inspired by the exotic beauty of Colombia and its people, we work with high quality materials and ensure our clients exclusive and unique styles.

The Wayuu are the largest indigenous ethnic group in Colombia and Venezuela. Despite living in extreme poverty, its people is surrounded by magic legends, exotic nature and a wide mystic culture. They are a loyal and virtuous community which have always tried to preserve and protect their traditions, laws, habits, religious and rites. Is our mission to support the community through employment generation and development of profitable and sustainable economy.

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Our Products

  1. Mochilas
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  • Mochilas Awarala
  • Mochilas Wannepia Mini
  • Mochilas Kashi
  • Mochilas Waneppia


Hand-made bags woven with love by the Wayuu Tribe women. They are crocheted, combining needle and loom fabric techniques. Elaborated in cotton with geometric designs and vibrant colors that are a representation of universe, nature and animals. Each bag is a unique piece and one-of-a-kind work of art. It can take up to five weeks for the Wayuu woman to finish only one bag due to its handmade nature.

These mochilas are not just bags, they are pieces of expression of the Wayuu culture and every time that you purchase and wear one, you are supporting the jobs and traditions of the tribe. We work closely with the Wayuu female community, in conditions that allow them to perform their other family and social duties, as well as to broadcast their culture legacy.

Please take a look at our references. You will find an style for every season.

Clothing and accessories

A wide variety of pieces and accessories are available to complement your style: crochet tunic dresses, sandals, crochet bandanas, belts, bracelets, keychains, necklaces and earrings. 


We have other designs available such as clutches, backpacks, tote bags, hand painted mochilas, hammocks, etc. Looking for something else? Contact us and let Sainn Wayuu to personalize your item.

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